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Our values and how we live them:

Only the best is good enough for our customers
Food safety culture:
As a company in the food sector, we are aware of our responsibility and anchor this deeply in our corporate culture.

Cleanliness and hygiene:
For three generations, the value of cleanliness and hygiene has been passed on to the successors in the company. 
You can rely 100% on our word.
To ensure the highest quality transport, we work very precisely and leave nothing out of sight.
We enjoy organising transports. 
In order to offer the best service, we do not schedule our trucks too tightly. We offer our customers high flexibility and appreciate it very much when this is mutual.
Solution orientation
Challenges are the things we grow from in life. This is what drives us. In every situation, we analyse the alternative courses of action and find a solution.
We are aware of technical progress, process optimisations and other innovations. We see these as fascinating opportunities for growth.
Respect and appreciation
We create clarity through open and constructive discussions. At the same time, we value our counterparts and treat them with respect.
Passion and enthusiasm
Fortunately, we all live our principles.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority - Our daily goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
Our status as a medium-sized family business guarantees a high degree of responsibility towards our partners and customers. 
As a company in the food sector, we are aware of our responsibility and embed this deeply in our corporate culture by making ourselves and all our partners aware of food safety hazards and maintaining open and clear communication in this regard.
We provide all necessary resources to ensure safe and hygienic food handling.
Compliance with legal requirements regarding HACCP and also internal requirements regarding hygiene, food safety and occupational safety as well as continuous improvement are our top priority.
Product safety is also reflected in our 60 years of experience in the same business and long-standing customers testify to this competence.
Among others, we supply renowned companies in the organic and baby food sector through our customers.
With our specially developed cleaning certificate, we are oriented towards those customers with the highest requirements, such as transport for baby food, etc.  We also have certified seals.
We always keep a close eye on the technical development of vehicles and the entire logistics sector and react to it at the right moment.
Our transport partners have well-maintained and clean vehicles of the latest generations.
We are preparing for the energy transition by supporting our network and advising on new technologies, as well as by adding innovators among our partners. 
We are also focusing on intermodal transport and optimising transport from the supplier to the customer.
Honest and thus strong relationships with business partners are very important, valuable and necessary for us. Together with our transport partners, we can provide a larger fleet of trucks and thus remain sustainable in the market.
We focus on digitalisation and can connect with the external system by means of EDI at the customer's request. We can provide our customers with a web portal for transport overview.
We also offer advice on the digitalisation of analogue logic processes.
Only competent, reliable and professional suppliers are among our partners. Reliability, honesty and fairness are particularly important to us for a successful cooperation. Misunderstandings, complaints and differences of opinion are settled openly, objectively and in a solution-oriented manner. We attach importance to punctual payment and fair remuneration of our partners.
Existing partnerships are expanded in order to have a larger fleet available when needed. Together and jointly we are more competitive and sustainable.
IFS - Logistics Certification
The review of internally planned work processes in the course of IFS certification contributes to the optimisation of work processes. We regard the IFS logistics certification (International Featured Standard) as a sign and acknowledgement of our
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